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SparkFun Stickers

You may have noticed that the SparkFun design team has been busy churning out all kinds of great graphics that we've used in videos, blog posts and web content. Well now you can stick those sweet graphics to your projects/tools/notebooks with the new and improved SparkFun Sticker Sheet.

When leaving soldering iron burns on something is not enough, use these stickers to leave (or cover up) your mark. Of course we kept the classic RTFM, but we've also added the According to Pete logo, the flaming F5 key and the OSHW logo. Go slap some stickers and let your geek shine!



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  • Please bring back the stickers.

  • These should be placed in every box for every order... for free.

    Stickers are one of the best & cheapest advertising methods. And I don't just mean brand advertising -- I mean these stickers are very good new customer acquisition vehicles. They're highly targeted, have high conversion rates, and you only pay the cost one time but get campaigns that last months or even years. Since many of your customers document their projects with photos or videos, you'll get more than enough impressions to offset the cost.

    I'd happily rock these stickers all over my gear. But I'm not buying them.

    • We actually do give a way quite a few of these. Basically every time we go places we give out stickers and things, but for those who want more we do sell them fairly cheaply.

      • I still think that it's a great idea to include a sheet with every order. Increases brand loyalty.

        PS just got my 11 sheets :D

  • If Pete was mad about the buttons...

  • Is that a transparent type of stickers or in a form of paper stock. Try see this, it is a printing service in San Francisco, and I wanted to request a sticker prints just like yours.

  • I second furnetch, SF should include stickers in every box. what happens. People put it on their iPhones, (I have some on my mac and pc), people put them on their projects, robots, etc. Free marketing and we love them. :)

  • Hope sparkfun will include one of these for free in my recent order

  • stickers - you mean i get to play with stickers!!!!

  • I have a big flame-bubble on my van but it's the paper version and has faded to white. I like the way it looks in white on my tinted windows, but would love to have one in vinyl.

  • Love them but the cuts should be lined up better.

  • Are the stickers still postcards?

    • No, we have changed the design and they are no longer postcards on the back. Did you like that postcard feature?

  • How can it be used in decorating wall or anything else at home?

    kids wall art

    • These stickers, as others have mentioned, are paper and best used on notebooks or the like. They would stick to a wall but after time they will fade. Would you like us to make wall art? I'm not sure we will be it's always good to know what customers are asking for. :)

  • are these paper or vinyl stickers? because i would really like them to be vinyl since those last longer

  • Is this new?? Just added three to my cart!!! Great for my binders this year!! Can't wait to let that inner geek of mine shine full potential!!

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