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Quick Disconnect - Male 1/5" (bag of 50)

These connectors are really useful as power connectors in prototyping or in projects that are repeatedly assembled and disassembled. There are also a variety of buttons and lights that use these standard connectors.

These Male quick-disconnects are about 1/5" wide and can be crimped onto 22-16 AWG wire.


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  • FYI: quick disconnect terminals have standard sizes. Most common are 0.110", 0.187", 0.205", and 0.250". Per the datasheet, these are 4.8mm wide, meaning they belong to the 0.187" standard. 1/5" would be closer to the 0.205" standard, so someone looking for 0.205" tab quick disconnects may purchase these and wonder why they don't fit as tight as expected (they will fit and lock, but not as well as desired)

  • I got these to use in conjunction with PRT-11463, and it's very kind to refer to the set as "quick disconnects" since they require so much force to attach or detach them.

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