Quick Disconnect - Assortment (100 total)

These connectors are really useful as power connectors in prototyping or in projects that are repeatedly assembled and disassembled. There are also a variety of buttons and lights that use these standard connectors.

This assortment contains 25 each of male and female, 1/4" and 1/5" quick disconnects! Grab some to keep around your shop so you don't find yourself short for your next project!

  • 25 x Female 1/4" Quick Disconnects
  • 25 x Male 1/4" Quick Disconnects
  • 25 x Female 1/5" Quick Disconnects
  • 25 x Male 1/5" Quick Disconnects


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  • roggesound / about 9 years ago / 1

    Red and Blue denote wire gauge, not male or female.

  • chrisspurgeon / about 10 years ago / 1

    This sounds stoopid, but is there a proper way to crimp these? Just mash with a pair of pliers? Looking through parts catalogs I see a zillion different types of crimping tools and I've never been clear on which tool to use with which connector.

    • Member #403600 / about 9 years ago / 1

      Automotive tool dealerships often carry a purpose-made "spade connector" crimping tool (often packaged with a bajillion different spade connectors to try it out on).

      But like Omnikrys says, the "crocodile jaw" wire stripper can be used to do the job quite nicely.

      The only difference between my crimper and my wire stripper is that the wire stripper works like a pair of pliers with the handles on the opposite side of the pivot to the jaws o' crimping, whereas the crimper has longer handles and the crimping jaw is on the handle side of the pivot, making for less precision but more brute force.


    • Omnikrys / about 10 years ago / 1

      The wire stripper I have has the spots to crimp on it too and it was one of those cheap kit ones. Doesn't strip wire all that well but crimps disconnects like a champ. :p

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