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Photoluminescent Panel - 8.5x11"

Photoluminescent is a big word that means a simple thing: Glow in the Dark! And do they ever! These Photoluminescent stickers can be cut to size or shape for indicators, decoration or emergency illumination. We were surprised at how brightly these panels glow after being 'charged up' with a bright light source. You can also pair them with UV LEDs for some epic blacklight action.

  • 8.5x11"

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  • My 11 y.o. daughter is having a blast with these panels! I made her a little UV LED pen which draws very nicely on the panel. I also made a "camera" by taking a 12" cube cardboard box with a 4 inch diameter hole in one side, attaching a 4 inch diameter magnifying glass to the box and placing the photoluminescent panel inside. Cover the lens, take the box outside on a bright sunny day and uncover the lens for about 10 seconds, then run back into the house. It makes an amazingly good quality POSITIVE image (that is, bright is bright - unlike a NEGATIVE). After about 15 minutes, the image fades and another "picture" can be taken. These panels would be, in my opinion, a GREAT present to buy a 5 to 15 year old kid as a stocking stuffer. Buy more than one, so one panel can "fade" while the other is being used.

    • Wow, way to make a simple thing so creative! If you get a chance to make a video of you camera please do not hesitate to send us a E-mail(techsupport@sparkfun.com). I am sure many of us here at SFE would like to see this.

  • Do You have any plans to get other colors? That way I can make Pac-man (out of highly reflective yellow) and the ghosts. or red so that I can cut a glowing Sparkfun logo?

  • Question. I sometimes play disc golf at night and have a need to keep score. I was thinking of a cool way to have glow scorecards. Considering I do this often enough that the price per sheet would be a little excessive I was wondering this. What happens to the photoluminescent property if I were to laminate them using heat? Would the heat affect it or lack of air? Would this prolong the product ability?

  • Having had a few of these around for the past year i have to say that these are very good. normally photoluminescent panels tend to lose their ability, eventually losing light within a minute.

    These however... even now if i wake up in the middle of the night i still see them clearly. Wether using it as part of a bigger project, or just to make your own glow in the dark stickers, these panels are frikkin awesome!

  • Technosource USA has interesting "Glow Crazy" kits. I got one at Toys-R-Us.
    http://www.technosourcehk.com/pr_glow.php The Distance Doodler (UPC 8-01561 01054-1) has two 11.5" x 15.5" pieces of what looks like this type of paper. It unfortunately stays somewhat curled from in the box. The best part is a handheld 'pen' which contains a Blue/UV LED as well as a Blue/UV laser. The LED and Laser both have some visible blue light, but also excite fluorescent materials well. The difference in reflected brightness between various "white" papers and plastics it interesting since some have fluorescent whitener that is clearly excited. The Laser has a spot about an inch diameter at 25 feet (3.3 mrad, or 1.9 deg divergence). This is about 2-3 times that of a good HeNe, and ok for drawing at 5-10 feet. The only info included about the light is that it is a Class I laser (LED). I couldn't find any CDRH Accession number. Not trying to divert sales, but FYI: Amazon shows two versions (Jan-4 2014). The one I have is $15.15 on Amazon ASIN: B00AAJ6CO4. I don't know the difference between this and the other one $14.50. One Amazon review says sheets are also available from stuffedanimals dot com and search for "glow crazy bonus pack". Looks like five smaller sheets for $14.95. Regards, Steve

  • UV LEDs work well to charge these panels, as does sunlight, and florescent light. I use similar material which comes in tape form to mark items which I need to keep track of in the dark for astronomy, I.E. tripod legs, observing chair, etc. This helps to prevent tripping over them in the dark.

    If you put a strip of it around the handle of a flashlight you will be able to find it better in the dark while camping or during a power failure.

  • Of course after being within 5m of these for more than 5 seconds, you too will glow in the dark! ;)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUteUH7mz0A

    Any chance you can try discharging a lit panel via IR light? I've had a project in mind that needs to be able to selectively erase as well and the paints I've tested so far have not worked; my understanding is only some of the chemicals used to create glow-in-the-dark paints can be de-illuminated with IR light.

    • Hi, I tried that with an IR LED but didn't see any effect on the lit panel.

      I also couldn't see the panel glow after hitting it with the IR LEDs in that range. I'm guessing the panel works better in the visible and UV spectrum as opposed to a longer wavelength (i.e. in the infrared range).

      • Thanks for taking the time to check. I may move forward with the project anyways, and not worry about being able to selectively erase. I can find all sorts of mention of de-illuminating with IR light, but I have yet to find a material that demonstrates that effect. Oh well!

  • A 5mW, 405nm laser pointer should draw on these things like a pen. It'll make just where the laser shines on glow at full brightness immediately. I've played around with that with other photoluminescent objects.

  • I could have used a few of these a couple months ago! Fire Dept came through and said we didn't have "Exit" signs above a couple of our warehouse doors. Paid $75 each from McMaster... McMaster Carr Exit Signs

  • The overall thickness is .02". The peel-off backing is .005" of that.

  • These use Europium as the emissive element (per MSDS) and will glow a long time. The side-effect is they take a little too long to charge for a good "flash wall". Good news is that the kind of fast-charge/fast-fade characteristic best for that is the cheap stuff, such as Benjamin Moore Glow-in-the-Dark latex, works fine with a UV flash.

  • what's the thickness of the sheets?

    • 0.017", with the backing, 0.011 without, and 2.017" with a 2" spacer and the backing.

      • So let me get this straight, it's 0.017" with the backing and 2.017" with the backing and a 2" spacer? :D

  • Is this the cool stuff that children's museums will put in a semi-dark room with a button-triggered, camera flash to capture freeze-frame shadows? Usually the flash triggers a couple seconds after the button press to allow for posing.

  • These are great! Can you provide any real data on how long they remain bright for after being "charged" up? I can imagine some sparkfun module hooked up to measure the illumination and graphing it out as it fades. Perhaps show a secondary graph of an EL panel being dimmed for comparison? Cool nonetheless. Who found this product?

    • that sounds like volunteer talk to me. you'd need to measure light intensity (assuming it's consistent across the whole panel) as compared to ambient light in the room, then do the same with the room when it's dark, etc. it would be quite the undertaking and may or may not apply to real world applications.

  • PVC. Drat. That means no laser cutting.

    • Yeah, I wouldn't make a habit of it. It does generate nasty fumes and could hurt your optics. A vinyl cutter would be perfect

    • so, we actually did try it in our laser cutter (our bad) and if you cut quick enough, it makes a very clean cut. the edges turn a little brown, but adjusting the speed, power, etc could maybe fix that.

      there's always vinyl cutters too...

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