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Gadgeteer - HD44780 Module

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this module in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

Did you know that most LCD character displays use the same controller? It's true, all the way from 16x2 to 20x4, almost all of them use the HD44780. This comes in handy because you can get these displays in all kinds of colors and styles and drive them all the same way. This board interfaces your Gadgeteer mainboard to the HD44780 controller on your display.

The contrast on this module is tied to ground, which works great for most displays. If you find that the contrast doesn't look quite right, though, you can swap out the 0ohm link for a small resistor. Check the schematic below to make sure you're swapping out the right thing!

Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is an open-source toolkit for building small electronic devices using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio/Visual C# Express. This module is designed to quickly and easily integrate into any .NET Gadgeteer project.

  • HD44780 Module
  • Gadgeteer Cable
  • 42mm x 19mm


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