Enclosure for pcDuino/Arduino - Clear

There is really nothing like a well-designed project enclosure. Really, a clean enclosure can add a lot to a project. This clear enclosure from our friends at LinkSprite is one of those well-designed project enclosures we really like.

If you're fitting it up for a pcDuino, it's simple: Just grab the end-pieces that fit the various pcDuino ports and put those into the bottom half of the enclosure, then screw the pcDuino down, then pop on the top piece and screw it into place. Done!

If you're using it for an awesome Arduino project, it's just as easy: Grab the solid end piece and pop it into place then find the Arduino end piece and put it on the other end, screw the Arduino board into place on the bottom side of the enclosure and you can put the top on. There's even a pop-out panel where you can mount a 16x2 LCD module!

The case is made from ABS plastic, which means it's durable but also easy to work with basic tools. If it's not quite thick enough for your project, why not add an extension plate! Check the related items below.

Note: This enclosure will only fit the pcDuino, pcDuino Lite, and Arduino Uno. You can, however, find instructions here on how to use this enclosure for pcDuino2.

  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Enclosure is easy to machine, drill, cut and shape to what you need
  • Brass threaded inserts
  • Fits various Arduino Boards and 16X2 LCDs
  • Pop out plates for GPS, buttons, sensors, switches, knobs etc
  • 128 x 88 x 32mm

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Core Skill: DIY

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Skill Level: Noob - Basic assembly is required. You may need to provide your own basic tools like a screwdriver, hammer or scissors. Power tools or custom parts are not required. Instructions will be included and easy to follow. Sewing may be required, but only with included patterns.
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  • Member #326572 / about 4 years ago / 1

    How is this is a five star product????? I purchased over 20 of these and half of them the screws don't even fit in the holes!!!! Causes huge headaches and they always get stuck and strip out. This is a very low quality design due to mounting issues. Beware

  • Member #451705 / about 9 years ago / 2

    Yes it does fit a Mega 2560, and has a faceplate to suit basic Arduino connectors (USB-B and power). The mounts are for Uno and similar boards. The DFR Mega board doesn't have the "middle" holes, and there are no mounds corresponding to the Mega rear-end holes. There are additional screw mounds set further back so an Arduino can be mounted entirely inside the case (ie not protruding through a faceplate).

  • Member #327585 / about 8 years ago / 1

    pcDuino3 does not fit in this enclosure, even though it's in recommended products. Please remove it from the list.

  • Member #120274 / about 8 years ago / 1

    Any chance this case fits the pcDuino v3? I'm thinking no since the new board is 13mm wider than the old pcDuinos but it's hard to tell from the pictures here.

  • KK5JY / about 8 years ago / 1

    All the stuff you read about this box's shortcomings is true. I have had to modify them just to get an UNO R3 unit in them with a single shield on top. The form factor is nice, but the execution is not great. For $7, the expectations need to be reasonable, but there are some things that seem like they shouldn't be an issue, even for $7. The fasteners that hold the enclosure halves together don't always seat completely. They definitely strip out easily, both on the head, and on the threads.

    There are gazillions of Arduinos in circulation -- I'm not sure where all the awesome enclosures are, but they are scarce.

  • EdZilla / about 8 years ago / 1

    Will this fit the arduino yun? Especially wondeding whether it will fit with a micro SD in the slot?

  • Member #508360 / about 8 years ago / 1

    Just so many things wrong with this - Screw holes don't line up with UNO R3. - Plastic cutting screws supplied have 1.5 threads of engagement so threads are one-time use only. -Cut out for protruding USB jack is not tall enough so panel does not allow clam-shell to fully close.

    The only thing going for it is that the case is expandable with the stacking kit. But... - The male threads on one of the stacking kit's brass standoffs are machined undersized so it doesn't fit.

  • BluesFan44 / about 9 years ago / 1

    Will this hold an Arduino Uno?

  • KM4HPK / about 9 years ago / 1

    Will this hold an Arduino Mega 2560?

    If not, does anyone know where I might find one that does?

    Draco (Dr-ah-k-oh)

  • Comrad_Durandal / about 9 years ago / 1

    WARNING - The screws that mate the halves of the enclosure will cam out -very- easily. See if you can find replacement Torx bolts with the same screw threads to replace them with. Also, once in the enclosure, you will not be able to eject MicroSD cards without really applying some bending force to get it into the socket, potentially damaging the MicroSD cards and the socket. Definitely need a Rev. B of this product.

  • Colecago / about 9 years ago / 1

    Have not had good luck with this case. The screws holding the halves together are stripping out, so the case is now holding my pcDuino hostage :-(

  • Member #145624 / about 9 years ago / 1

    Once the pcDuino is in the case, you will not have access to the microSD card.

  • quidproquo / about 9 years ago / 1

    Finally a nice enclosure with a spot for an LCD screen, thanks Sparkfun!

  • The mounting holes and end panel cut-outs fit the pcDuino perfectly, and the pcDuino only takes up 1/2 of the space inside the case so there's plenty of room left for activities. To get at the SD card the case must be opened, but the pcDuino board does not have to be removed. The actual outer dimensions are 1.33" high by 3.55" wide by 5.03" long. The LCD opening is 2.67" by 0.69" and it comes with a snap-in cover so it can be closed off. The other opening is 1.19" by 0.93" and comes with two snap-ins; one to close it off and one with 4 holes (each 0.23" square). It's a nice case; buy it here or go another 7 miles to CuteDigi and get it for $1 less.

    And no, there are not really any "Pop out plates for GPS, buttons, sensors, switches, knobs etc", there's just the one plate with 4 square holes and the two solid plates. So you will need to cut the holes for buttons and etc yourself.

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Good enclosure, easy to expand.