Analog Panel Meter - 0 to 20mA (Ding and Dent)

Replacement: None. This analog meter was only available for a limited time, we are no longer carrying it in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

This analog panel meter measures DC current from 0-20mA with 5% accuracy. It has a clear and easy to read scale and an adjustable dial. These can be useful for measuring the current on the GPIO pins on your microcontroller or numerous other applications. To be honest, these meters work just fine. The only problem we have with them is that our supplier did not have enough milliamp scale backers so they, instead, used amp scale backers with the "m" painted on to the left of the "A." Are we the only ones who think that "m" looks like it should belong on an M&M? We've dropped the price on this meter, so if you don't mind a painted "m" over a printed one instead, then this is a good buy!

The face of the meter is 45x45mm overall. The mounting hole should be 38mm. The overall depth of the meter is 35mm.

Note: The panel meter includes mounting nuts and washers.


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