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Hook-Up Wire - Silicone 12AWG (Red, 1m)

This is 12AWG stranded red wire with a flexible silicone jacket. This wire is perfect for soldering and connecting any project in which you need a durable, super flexible wire. What really makes this silicone wire neat is its ability to literally be tied into knots and survive temperatures of up to 200°C and still work! Each 1m wire comes neatly rolled in a loop.

  • 12AWG
  • 1m Long
  • 200°C Heat Tolerance
  • Silicone Jacket


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  • 12awg wire is rated for up to 20A for chassis wiring, that being said I regularly use it on multicopters (for very short runs) for up to about ~200A

  • at one of my formerly local hobby stores they had wire like this, but the copper in it was supper fine, but it had a really high amperage rating for its size, what is your amperage rating on this stuff.?

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