SparkFun Pi Wedge B+

This is the SparkFun Pi Wedge B+, a small board that connects to the 40-pin GPIO connector on the Raspberry Pi B+, and breaks the pins out to breadboard-friendly arrangement and spacing, and even adds a couple of decoupling capacitors on the power supply lines. The "Wedge" also makes the initial bringup process easier - you can plug an FTDI Basic module into the built-in serial port. Each Pi Wedge B+ comes as an easy to assemble kit that can can be inserted into the RPi's GPIO port that allows you to prototype as soon as you are done soldering.

The Pi Wedge B+ is compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ model and it adapts the GPIO header on the B+ to a standard solderless breadboard, such as our medium, large, and extra large breadboards. While it will technically with with a mini breadboard, it won't leave much room for external circuitry. If you love the Raspberry Pi and have been looking to start prototyping with it look no further than the Pi Wedge B+!

  • 1x Pi Wedge B+ PCB
  • 1x GPIO Ribbon Cable (40-pin, 6")
  • 1x GPIO Shrouded Header (2x20)
  • 1x 6-pin Male Header
  • 2x 17-pin Male Header
  • 2x Capacitor (10uF/25V)

SparkFun Pi Wedge B+ Product Help and Resources

Preassembled 40-pin Pi Wedge Hookup Guide

October 29, 2015

Using the Preassembled Pi Wedge to prototype with the Raspberry Pi B+.

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  • Member #458822 / about 9 years ago / 1

    I see that (as of this writing) the compatibility section doesn't address the RPi 2 - Model B. Will this item work with it?

    • Russ K / about 9 years ago / 1

      I know this is a bit old, but I wanted to provide an anecdotal answer for future viewers. I have this very model on a RPi 2 Model B, and it works great. I haven't had any issues. The link in Byron's response explains why for a technical response.

    • Byron J. / about 9 years ago / 1

      According to this link, the B+, A+ and Pi 2 model B all share the same GPIO pinout.

      So the B+ Wedge should work with all of them.

      • NuclearDog / about 8 years ago * / 1

        Spent a lot of time very confused - keep in mind that the pin numbers on the wedge are the BCM numbers, not the wiringPi numbers.

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Best thing I ever owned!

And here's why...

There were a few options from different vendors for this type of breakout board. However, this one reorganizes the pins to group like sections together. It also has power and ground on both sides to make for clean hook ups.

The included ribbon cable is a good size for small projects; but can be easily replaced. I have a 3' ribbon cable working just fine.


It is awesome. I like it. Wish they labeled it better.

Great idea

This comes disassembled as pictured and must be soldered together which I enjoyed but could be a tedious task if you order several.

This board fits tightly into both of my boards and could be soldered into the sparkfun proto boards if you really wanted. Detaching from a breadboard was difficult with fingers only but easy with a small screwdriver.

This product is a great idea and I'd recommend every R Pi owner have at least one!