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SparkFun Rotary Switch Breakout

This is the SparkFun Rotary Switch Breakout, a very simple board designed to easily provide you access to each pin on our 10-position rotary switches. This breakout allows you to easily add a rotary switch to your next project without having to worry about attaching its unique footprint to a custom board or solderless breadboard. All you need to do is solder the 10-position rotary switch into the breakout (using the silkscreen on the board as a guide) and each pin will become available for breadboard or hookup wire compatibility.

Each one of these boards breaks out the common ( C ), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 positions on the board into 0.1" spaced pins.

Note: A 10-position rotary switch is NOT included with this breakout. Check the Recommended Products section below for the correct switch.

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Ballistic test equipment

This breakout board is going to fit perfectly, both size and functionality into a calibration test tool I am making to check our ballistics test equipment.

High quality breakout boards

This was my first pcb from Sparkfun of any kind. Its very high quality, easy to solder, and easy on the eyes! Definitely organizes things that would have normally been point soldered in my project. Being able to put a pin header on it is pretty cool. If you imagine your rat nest of point soldered wires going to the encoder being reduced to one 10-wire ribbon running off to your board with everything marked and numbered ... its an easy sell.

Perfect Accessory

Perfect way to neaten up installation of rotary switch into a tight fitting enclosure. Well made item.

Super easy and convenient

This board makes wiring the 10-position switch a breeze. The board quality and utility are exquisite. Keep bringing these awesome options to us!

SparkFun Products

The SparkFun Rotary switch, and the associated PCB is working out Excellent in my application. The good quality, combined with excellent price means we will continue purchasing these parts.

Thank You!

Kirit Patel