SIM Card Adapter - 3-in-1

This is a 3-in-1 SIM Card Adapter, a three small pieces of non-aging plastic that give you the ability to turn your nano or micro SIM into a card the next size up for your cellular project. This adapter is able to convert a nano sized SIM card to both micro and standard size and a micro sized SIM card to standard. Each adapter is easily removed from the harness by pushing it out with your fingers or by using a pair of snippers for a clean edge.

More and more of us have a phone that uses a micro-SIM. Conversely, most cellular dev boards use a standard SIM. This will allow you to adapt the SIM from your phone (assuming you have a GSM phone) to prototype your project without needing a 2nd data SIM.

  • 1x Nano to Micro SIM Adapter
  • 1x Nano to Standard SIM Adapter
  • 1x Micro to Standard SIM Adapter


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  • DJ Scorch / about 8 years ago * / 1

    Sorry to be pedantic but these adapters are:

    • nano-SIM to micro-SIM
    • nano-SIM to mini-SIM
    • micro-SIM to mini-SIM

    These will not adapt anything to a standard SIM. (The SparkFun T-mobile SIM card is an example of a standard SIM that can be broken down to a mini-SIM... you can keep the outer part of the card and kind of use it as a mini-SIM to standard SIM adapter.)

    • Dragon88 / about 8 years ago / 1

      True, but if you want to get really specific in wording, then the T-Mobile card is not a "SIM card" at all. It is a Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) running multiple SIM applications on it. However, most people just call it a SIM card because that's what we all got used to from GSM. Also, because the mini SIM was the most common size for a long time, it generally became known as the "standard" size. Few mobile devices use the full credit-card-sized SIM, so most people just think of that as the holder that you snap off your card as soon as you get it.

    • Kamiquasi / about 8 years ago / 1

      Just to clarify slightly further - as in the wild I have only ever seen "SIM card" refer to the small bit that you insert into phones (mini SIM) and I think has become synonymous with it - what DJ Scorch (correctly) refers to as the SIM card is the creditcard-sized card :) Not too many devices that still take full SIM cards, but this adapter certainly wouldn't work if you happened to need that size.

  • Dragon88 / about 8 years ago / 1

    I think it's important to note that these are for adapting a smaller sized SIM card to a larger sized slot. As they were added with the T-Mobile SIMs (standard size), some people may mistakenly get the impression that they can adapt that SIM with this product to a micro or nano slot. Not the case. You can physically cut plastic off of a larger SIM to make it fit a smaller slot, but you run the risk of destroying it.

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