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RFduino - Simblee DIP

The Simblee 7-pin DIP board is a finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontroller. What makes the Simblee great is the fact that it not only runs Arduino code and can do everything an Arduino can but it also allows you to define a User Interface for your smartphone in the Arduino code. When used in conjunction with the RFduino USB shield, simply plug the RFduino into a USB port of any computer and use the Arduino IDE to load your Arduino sketch, which automatically begins running on the Simblee board. Then you can detach the RFduino USB shield and plug the Simblee directly into your project. It's that easy!

The Simblee is a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy BLE RF Module with Built-In ARM Cortex-M0 for rapid development and prototyping projects. The Simble operates at 3.3V and only uses 10mA in RX mode (<3uA ULP), it also transmits on a 2.4 GHz band, and offers 128KB of flash memory with 24KB of RAM. Via a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone you can control or read data from your Simblee board in a custom interface.

Note: The Simblee board requires USB Shield for programming.

  • Operating Voltage: 3V (Max 3.6V, Low 1.8V)
  • Transmit/Recieve Current: 8-16mA (<3uA ULP)
  • ARM Cortex M0 processor (running at 16MHz)
  • 128KB Flash
  • 24KB RAM
  • Build iPhone and Android apps without Xcode or the Android SDK
  • Built in AES encryption engine
  • -93dBm receiver sensitivity
  • -55dBm to +4dBm TX power
  • 7 GPIO pins (6 with 10-bit Analog input)
  • PWM, UART, SPI, I2C capabilites on most GPIO pins
  • UART Programming over USB or Over the Air Programming
  • CE, ETSI, IC, TELEC, and FCC approved


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  • MRSHKO / about 8 years ago / 2

    Make sure you buy the USB programmer. These units are not pre-flashed with firmware and OTA upgrade is not possible. There is no ISP header either. The only way to program is with the USB programmer.

  • Member #347862 / about 7 years ago / 1

    Code for MPU-9250???

  • Brad10 / about 7 years ago / 1

    Is the board Open Source? I see a prominent copyright notice in the photo.

  • androticus / about 7 years ago / 1

    The Simblee and RFDuino hardware appear to be the same. Is it just the software that is different? Is it possible to flash RFDuinos to be compatible with Simblee? I love the idea of being able to define the basic UI of the device right on the device.

  • Member #690205 / about 8 years ago / 1

    Give the component count here is low - much less then the breakout or Lilypad versions - why is the price higher?

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It meets most expectations

Integration of Simblee with iPhone is a cool feature. For complex tasks with many screen functions it happens that the result is somewhat erratic in a sense that x-y coordinates are not the same after a reconnect.

Imported images consume significant amounts of memory.

An iPad version would be nice to have.

Else it is the simplest way to create an iPhone interface and this compensates the shortcomings.