Rotary Dial Kit

The Rotary Dial Kit is designed to be a simple interface device for your project. Input is achieved using a rotating encoder bezel and output is handled by a ring of addressable RGB LEDs along the inside edge of the ring. Two keyhole hangers are milled into the back of the Rotary Dial so it can be wall mounted.

The LED ring comes pre-soldered, so the only assembly required is to solder the three included SMD pogo pins and then bolt the PCBs together using the supplied standoffs!

A 5-pin 0.1" header exposes the input line for the WS2812b addressable LEDs as well as two encoder pins which output 2-bit grey code. The encoder output can be interpreted easily by any quadrature encoder library, such as PJRC's wonderful Encoder library. Check out the Assembly Guide for Arduino example code!

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  • Base Plate PCB
  • Dial Ring PCB
  • LED Retainer Ring PCB
  • 3 x SMD Pogo Pins
  • 4 x 4-40 Bolts
  • 4 x 4-40 Nuts
  • 4 x .25" Nylon Standoffs

Rotary Dial Kit Product Help and Resources

Rotary Dial Kit Assembly Guide

June 22, 2018

Put together your Rotary Dial Kit and light it up with our Arduino example code!


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