MP3 Breakout WT2003S

The WT2003S makes playing MP3 files from an SD card dead simple! All you need to do is load your files onto the SD card, plug in your speakers, and then send a few commands over a serial connection. Any time that you need to play an MP3 this breakout board will do just the trick - for example making an alarm clock that plays your favorite music or maybe making an elaborate voicemail greeting prank...

A microSD card is used to store MP3 files to be played later, then a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack or poke-home speaker output is used to pipe your sound waves into the world. In between is the amazing WT2003S chip that handles the SD interface (via SPI) and the decoding of the MP3 format. Another perk is the built-in TPA2005D1 1.4W amplifier so that you can play songs out-loud right out of the box. Finally the WT2003S also provides an interface to the SD card with only a micro USB cable so that you can add new MP3s without even removing the SD card! All of these features fit on a single-sided PCB to make mounting a cinch. All you need to start playing MP3s in your project is:

  • WT2003S breakout board
  • Serial connection (Arduino, FTDI converter, etc.)
  • A speaker or headphones
  • An SD card with your favorite jams!

Check out the documents tab for datasheets, Eagle schematics, and an Arduino library that makes getting started too easy!

P.S. If you need to go super-simple then you can actually play MP3s without another controller using the Qwiic MP3 Trigger.

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  • WT2003S MP3 decoder IC provides USB access to microSD socket (up to 32GB) and MP3 decoding
  • Access to microSD card contents via micro USB cable through the WT2003S for changing files
  • Supports SD cards up to 32 GB
  • Easy serial-based MP3-player commands for play/pause, stop, next/previous song, and volume setting
  • 32 level volume control
  • The device can also be powered through the micro USB connector
  • A poke-home connector allows for sturdy but temporary speaker connection without soldering
  • A built-in TPA2005D1 based 1.4W Class-D mono amplifier
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Current consumption:
    • 40mA standy
    • 40mA when playing over headphones at any volume level
    • 150mA-300mA when driving external 8Ω speaker at full volume setting


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  • Link to repo for most recent firmware and hardware is broken...

  • Was able to set up the shield with the examples without problem. Can't figure out how to get it to consistently play specific tracks, though. Tried by track number, file name, even windows sort order as suggested in the chip manual even though that seemed very strange. Still, I can figure out numbers to use for tracks, but when I upload different files it seems to randomize them. Would be nice if the example included that. I also messed around with the library that ships with this to add loop mode to it - I needed files to loop for my project and that function was not exposed in the library on github. There was some other functionality in the chip's documentation that was also not exposed, so you might want to dig there for more if this thing doesn't seem to quite do what you need it to.

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