Switching Power Supply - DC 20V, 5A

This Switching DC Power Supply is a compact 100 Watt power supply delivering 1-20V and 0-5A from its three output terminals. These DC power supplies feature constant current or constant voltage modes with automatic crossover making them ideal for troubleshooting circuit boards or devices which require two or three different input voltage ranges. Typical applications for this compact power supply include educational labs, technical schools, internal training facilities, and hobbyists.

  • Input Voltage:100VAC to 240VAC
  • Number of Outputs: 3 Outputs
  • Output Voltage-Channel 1: 1VDC to 20VDC
  • Output Current-Channel 1: 5A
  • Output Voltage-Channel 2: 5VDC
  • Output Current-Channel 2: 2A
  • Output Voltage-Channel 3: 12VDC
  • Output Current-Channel 3: 1A
  • Output Power: 100W
  • Display Type: LCD

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How to Power a Project

February 7, 2013

A tutorial to help figure out the power requirements of your project.


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Failed after 4 months of use

I bought this power supply in September 2020 and it has been working fine for several months. However, the voltage regulator recently stopped working and it will no longer operate the main voltage output. The 12V and the 5/3.3V output also are not working properly and output the wrong voltage. When I power it on with nothing connected, the display shows "rEu 1.2" and if I turn on the main output using the button on the front panel it outputs a rapidly rising voltage and after 2 seconds is shuts off and displays "F01 ouP". No reply from the manufacturer for a week following my initial email inquiry. Still under warranty so I am hoping to send it back for a replacement.

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Horrible flaw, would not provide power

I bought this power supply in January 2021. It had a horrible flaw in that it would not provide power to any of the outputs for over five minutes during its strange startup cycle. I’d rush down to the workshop, looking to try out a revised circuit, turn on the power supply, and wait…. and wait…. and wait. Eventually it would wake up and provide power; at this point it worked fine. But I'd have to wait five or more minutes to do a 15 second circuit test. After a few days I returned the unit to Sparkfun as defective. Bummer, when it worked I liked it. But it spent most of its timer powering up.

failed after mild use

Same problem as Member #463017 above. Displays rising voltage, then "F01 ouP". Not sure of cause, but frustrating for a professionally-priced device.

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