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Plessey EPIC Electrocardiograph Sensor (PS25201B)

The Plessey Semiconductors Electric Potential Integrated Circuit (EPIC) sensor is an ultra high impedance solid state ECG (electrocardiograph) sensor. It can be used as a dry contact ECG sensor without the need for potentially dangerous low impedance circuits across the heart. The resolution available is as good as or better than conventional wet electrodes.

The PS25201B uses active feedback techniques to both lower the effective input capacitance of the sensing element (Cin) and boost the input resistance (Rin). These techniques are used to realise a sensor with a frequency response suitable for both diagnostic and monitoring ECG applications.

  • Ultra high input resistance, typically 20GΩ
  • Dry-contact capacitive coupling
  • Input capacitance as low as 15pF
  • Lower -3dB point typically 200mHz
  • Upper -3dB point typically 10kHz
  • Operates with bipolar power supply from ±2.4V to ±5.5V


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