Power Management IC Development Tools DC Motor Driver HAT(V1.0)

This is a Raspberry Pi DC motor driver board with on-board encoder interface, which can drive 2-way DC motor and DC motor with encoder. It communicates with Raspberry Pi via I2C, easy to configure and drive motors. The DC Motor Driver HAT adopts STM32 micro processor to analyze the command sent by the upper host, and then convert into motor drive signal after calculation. Besides that, a high-performance TB6612FNG motor drive chip is integrated on the module. The single channel continuous current is 1.2A and the peak current is up to 2A. The motor driver supports 7~12V wide input voltage. It can be used together with Raspberry Pi to make smart DIY car, balance car, DIY tank, mechanical fish, etc.

  • Motor Drive
  • I2C Communication
  • Raspberry Pi Shield
  • Operating Voltage: 7~12V
  • Logical Voltage: 5V
  • Motor Driver Chip: TB6612FNG
  • Communication Interface: I2C
  • Default IIC Address: 0 x10
  • Continuous Drive Current: 1.2A
  • Peak Current: 2A
  • Support 2-way DC Motor/DC Motor with Encoder
  • Dimension: 65 x 30mm/ 2.56 x 1.18”


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