Micro RGB Matrix Tile

Gumstix RGB Matrix Tile is designed to connect serially to the WiFi RGB Matrix board and other tiles to create seamless LED panels. This matrix tile comes with the right-angle mounting brackets, power and data in, and data out. The RGB LEDs used in this design are the Worldsemi WS2812B-3535s that communicate at 800Kbps and are compatible with the Adafruit NeoPixel libraries.

Use this 256-LED panel for higher-resolution RGB LED displays. Connect one or daisy-chain many with a microcontroller board for colorful results.

  • Connects serially to the WiFi RGB matrix tile
  • Creates seamless LED panels
  • Right-angle mounting brackets
  • Power and data in
  • Data out Worldsemi WS2812B-3535s RGB LEDs


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