Configurable RC Filter

RC time constants and cut-off frequencies got you down? What frequencies should pass and which should be stopped from passing through? Determining values for R and C can be hard work, but do you know if your filter will work? Experimentally verify your filter using SparkX's Configurable RC Filter.

With it's wide array of values, you can test filters with a large range of cut-off values. The Configurable RC Filter supports low pass and high pass filter design, just be sure to follow the schematic on the back of the board. Simply attach your signal, flip the DIP switches for which ever values you want to try, and monitor the output using a multimeter or oscilloscope. Does the board not support the values you need? Solder your through-hole or surface mount custom R and C values to the board to test the filter before implementing it in your project.

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  • Member #134773 / about 4 years ago * / 2

    Neat idea! Doesn't look like it has much power handling capability (don't think it would last long hooked to the RF output of a "ham" radio transmitter :-) maybe a microsecond or so), but it will definitely have it's uses (so I'll add one or two to my next order).

    A capacitance decade box would make a good compliment to the Resistance Decade Box (and maybe someday I'll get around to putting together the one I bought 5 years ago!) and would have at least somewhat higher power capabilities than the above one, but, of course, would have higher c0$t. This one at least is "pre-assembled", so doesn't need the "round tuit". ;-)

    BTW, you might want to put the Resistance Decade Box into the "Similar Items" for this one.

    • I loved the idea of higher power stuff but didn't want to source a whole bunch of new components, so I left the spots open for custom components. Also, a capacitance decade box sounds like a grand idea!!

      The main idea of mine was that this could be used in analog electronics labs in high school/college courses to quickly teach students about RC filter characteristics without having them breadboard and waste a plethora of different resistors and caps.

      As always, excellent input!

  • Wayne / about 4 years ago / 1

    How about an I2C, or SPI version?

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