Antenna GPS Ultra-Compact Embedded HFL for Lassen IQ

Replacement: None. We no longer carry this GPS antenna in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

Ultra-compact embedded GPS antenna for the Lassen iQ. Hirose HFL (female) connector to small ceramic patch antenna with LNA (27dB gain) powered through cable. Connects directly to Lassen iQ/SQ module. Equivalent to Trimble Part # : 45336-00

The ceramic antenna points up - the metal backing points down.


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  • Just as a note from -VAST- experience with the lassen iq: this is not the antenna you want. The Lassen IQ is a fairly old module with a pretty bad reception [dont get me wrong the module is great]; so buy a bigger antenna: so buy the HFL to SMA connector and a bigger SMA connector antenna!!!

  • It works ok outdoors when hooked up to laptop - got 4-6 satellites with Lasse-IQ in 1 min. However no reception indoors. so i am getting GPS-00464 with 5m cable. It is not bad for antenna this small for field use, but you likely will 2nd antenna for development.

  • My experience with this is bad. After taking care of it really well, and using it three times, the wire-to-base of antenna actually got loose, so, dont go for this product i'd say, just take the larger one, especially since the Lassen isnt sensitive in the first place (although its nice)

  • Any clue as to when this will come back in stock?

    • I typically don't like to give ETAs since they are rarely accurate, but we expect them mid October. Of course, this is no guarantee.

  • nice patch antenna! super small layout... came with a sticky pad haha.
    trimble says this is good from 3.0- 3.6 volts...
    i ran it on 3.3 and it did great.

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