Snickerdoodle Palm-Sized Linux Computer

Crowd Supply Snickerdoodle Palm-Sized Linux Computer features an FPGA inside of a powerful ARM dual-core cortex-A9 processor. This allows for customizing an I/O and using prebuilt software blocks to accelerate things like image processing or motor control. The device features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth making it ideal for automated applications like self navaigating robots, drones with a heads-up display, computer vision systems, and 3D printers. Use Snickerdoodle to create something truly different.

Snickerdoodle maintains a blance of functionality, usability and affordablity, making it the perfect tool for dreamers and creators. Build, make, invent, and explore new horizons that were not possible before. Snickerdoodle takes all the things that Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBone prevents creators from doing and allows them to do it.

Snickerdoodle includes support for Ubuntu Linux, ROS, and FreeRTOS so take advantage of powerful communities, code bases, and quickly port over existing projects.

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, a dual-core ARM processor, and 155 user-customizable I/O (155 I/O…across 230 pins…including 76 grounds), Snickerdoodle is more than "just another cheap Linux computer."

  • Dual-Core 667MHz or 866MHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor w/430K or 1.3M reconfigurable gates
  • 155-180 I/O (100 or 125 reconfigurable)
  • 512MB or 1GB LPDDR2 RAM
  • 2.4GHz 802.11n SISO Wi-Fi or 2.4 & 5GHz 802.11n 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Classic
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 3.7-17V input
  • Locking "captive" microSD card cage
  • microUSB 2.0 (w/ serial console and mass storage device)
  • Programmable user interface: 5x LEDs & 2x sealed buttons
  • 2" x 3.5" (50.8x88.9mm)
  • iOS & Android apps


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  • Member #439268 / about a year ago / 1

    This listing is confusing. If you look at the specs, it's the generic description of the two sizes (One and Black) of Snickerdoodle. Is it connectors-up? Down? Is it the PiSmasher (not in the picture)? What is this?

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