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TeraRanger Evo People Counter (UART)

Terabee TeraRanger Evo People Counters are ideal for measuring people flow in corridors and integrate into doorframes, furniture, and Point of Sale (PoS) assets. These small, discreet sensors offer bidirectional people traffic counting and utilize an embedded algorithm, eliminating the need for extra processing power. They report data locally, via USB or UART, while sensor administration can be conducted locally through commands or GUI hosted on a computer. Terabee TeraRanger Evo People Counters feature vertical and horizontal mounting options with a 0.05m to 2.5m detection range and easy integration, making them ideal for OEM design-in projects. They are suitable for use in retail markets, hospitality, and events. Applications include monitoring pedestrian access and flow, retail PoS analytics, and staff deployment planning.

  • Bidirectional people traffic counting
  • Embedded algorithm, no need for extra processing power
  • Small, discreet sensor (not a camera)
  • 42mm x 30mn x 13mm dimensions (including backboard)
  • Anonymous and GDPR compliant by design
  • Easy integration, ideal for OEM design-in projects
  • Low power consumption (50mA)
  • 0.05m to 2.5m detection range
  • 27° field of view
  • Infrared Time-of-Flight detection principle
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting options
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: - 20 C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: + 75 C
  • Supply Voltage - Max: 5.25 V
  • Supply Voltage - Min: 4.75 V



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