Sensirion SEK-SFM3x-AW/D Evaluation Kit Cable

Sensirion SEK-SFM3x-AW/D Evaluation Kit Cable evaluates the SFM3200-AW, SFM3300-AW/D, and SFM3400AW/D sensors. This device features a clip-on cable on a 2m long USB cable and a clip-on cap that houses a small microcontroller and a pressure sensor. The pressure sensor and pressure port in the cap allow for proximal measurement of the patient's breathing pressure without lengthy tubing.

  • 2m cable with USB connector
  • Clip-on cap with small microcontroller and pressure sensor
  • No Sensirion Sensorbridge device needed
  • Allows for proximal measurement of breathing pressure without lengthy tubing
  • Reliable and user-friendly sensor connection
  • Can be used with Sensirion's SEK-ControlCenter software or integrated into another evaluation board


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