Ethernet Interface Board - CS8900A

Replacement: None. We have retired this product. This page is for reference only.

Small breakout board for the Crystal LAN CS8900A from Olimex. Contains all the necessary hardware to implement an Ethernet interface including the isolation transformer and LINK/STATUS LEDs.

  • Overall: 1.35x2.15" (33.5x54 mm)
  • Pin Spacing: 1.0"

The Crystal LAN IC has 100 pins and two dots on it. The smaller of the two dots is the pin 1 indicator which should also have a notched corner. Pin numbers increase in a counter-clock-wise direction. CON1_1 in the schematic corresponds to silkscreen ‘1’. CON2_1 in the schematic corresponds to silkscreen ‘17’.

Customer Comments

  • didnt give me any issues. I recommend this as well.

  • This is a 3.3V device, so make sure to have a good variable supply or use a regulator like ‘On Semiconductor MC33269T-3.3G’.
    Here is some additional information to help get you started (google the following):
    Cirrus Logic Application Note AN181 (using the CS8900 in 8-bit mode)
    Texas Instruments SLAA137A (using the CS8900 with an MSP430, gives a general overview of some protocols and references to code)
    Also take a look at the schematics for Olimex’s ‘EasyWeb’ developement boards to get a better idea of 8-bit interfacing.
    I program AVR’s using BASIC, which there isn’t any examples for this device, so I am having to digest and port ‘C’ programs to BASIC…good learning experience, but tiring.

  • Also, use a 3.3V compatible uC so you don’t have to use any I/O level converters, I’m using an ATmega32L without any problems. Since the CS8900 will require a minimum of 14 pins when used in 8-bit mode, try and use a 40 pin or larger uC so you will have plenty of ports and pins left over for user I/O.

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