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PIC 14 Pin 20MHz 4K 8A/D - 16F688

Microchip's 14-Pin****16F688 8-Bit Processor. 4K of program space and 12 I/O lines. 8 channel Analog to Digital Converter! Runs up to 20MHz with external crystal or up to 8MHz with the internal RC oscillator. Package can be programmed in circuit.

PIC 14 Pin 20MHz 4K 8A/D - 16F688 Product Help and Resources

Core Skill: Soldering

This skill defines how difficult the soldering is on a particular product. It might be a couple simple solder joints, or require special reflow tools.

2 Soldering

Skill Level: Rookie - The number of pins increases, and you will have to determine polarity of components and some of the components might be a bit trickier or close together. You might need solder wick or flux.
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Core Skill: Programming

If a board needs code or communicates somehow, you're going to need to know how to program or interface with it. The programming skill is all about communication and code.

3 Programming

Skill Level: Competent - The toolchain for programming is a bit more complex and will examples may not be explicitly provided for you. You will be required to have a fundamental knowledge of programming and be required to provide your own code. You may need to modify existing libraries or code to work with your specific hardware. Sensor and hardware interfaces will be SPI or I2C.
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Core Skill: Electrical Prototyping

If it requires power, you need to know how much, what all the pins do, and how to hook it up. You may need to reference datasheets, schematics, and know the ins and outs of electronics.

3 Electrical Prototyping

Skill Level: Competent - You will be required to reference a datasheet or schematic to know how to use a component. Your knowledge of a datasheet will only require basic features like power requirements, pinouts, or communications type. Also, you may need a power supply that?s greater than 12V or more than 1A worth of current.
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  • I'll note that these cost $1.52 a piece if ordered directly from Microchip, Inc. on their website. In addition, Microchip offers samples to universities and companies and you can get 3 of these entirely free of charge by requesting them on their website, and they'll usually come to you by express shipping at no cost to you.
    It is a horror that Sparkfun is trying to sell these at $4.10.
    I demand that Sparkfun stop trying to rip off customers.
    I have screenshotted this and if I see this comment deleted, I WILL make noise about Sparkfun on Digg and Reddit and in my university community.

    • Yay! I love Digg threats. Let's start a flame war!
      Yuanzhoulv - In the future, a friendly 'hey, your price looks kind of high on this' works equally as well. I will happily update the price on this.
      For your reference, I haven't touched this product description, cost, or photo (it's pretty bad, even the date code is horrendous) since December of 2005. Back then the cost from Microchip was over $3.
      Thanks for the heads up about free samples from big IC companies.

    • Also note that the processing fee at microchip for free samples is $7.50 per 2 items (AFAIK)

  • I like the chip in general. Nice entry level chip for Microchip products. This was my first MCU. Easy to use(sometimes... Can be a bit picky if you forget to set something...) I have at least 30 of these little chips sitting around just to mess around with when I don't feel like working on a real project. Coming in from a C# programming background this was a perfect match for me. Love it. And for all of you that don't believe me, I'm only 15 so if I can pull off something like this I'm sure you can too. Its just that simple. Also: Don't go for an Olimex prog. Just get a PICkit3. Works nice. That was a bit longer than I wanted, Oh well. That's my take on this chip.

  • Least expensive PIC on SparkFun that sports a UART/USART.

  • These chips freakin' rock. I use them as the intermediary between any/all sensors and my upstream Arduino. They are low cost and can interface with almost everything.

  • When you have more stock ? I need 8 pin !!!

  • I suggest go to 24FJ64GA002. 16 bits uC and free in uchip page. 64K Flash!!

  • I had loads of fun using this chip

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