40 Pin AVR Development Board w/USB Connection

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this development board. This page is for reference only.

Development board for 40 pin Atmel ATMega microcontrollers with USB port/power supply circuit, 8MHz crystal oscillator circuit, RS232 port, Reset button, status LED, 10 pin STK ICSP port, and 10 pin JTAG port.

  • ICSP 5x2 pin connector for in-circuit programming with AVR-PG1B or AVR-PG2B
  • JTAG port 5x2 for in-circuit debugging/programming with AVR-JTAG
  • USB to RS232 FT232 converter
  • I2C EEPROM socket
  • Takes power from USB; no need for external adapter
  • Power supply filtering capacitors
  • Quartz crystal oscillator circuit -8Mhz
  • Reset IC ZM33064
  • Reset button
  • General purpose push button
  • Status LED connected to PB0 via removable jumper
  • Extension pin headers for each uC pin
  • Four mounting holes 0.13" (3.3 mm)
  • Grid 100 mils
  • GND bus
  • Vcc bus
  • FR-4, 1.5 mm (0.062"), green soldermask, white silkscreen component print

Note: We found these in inventory and they work fine but we're no longer ordering them. We'll be selling them at a discount for a limited time but when they're gone, they're gone!

Board does not come with AVR installed. Please see a list of related items below.

  • Overall: 3.9x3.15" (100x80 mm)

Customer Comments

  • will the sparkfun AVR pocket programmer be able to program this board through the ICSP port?

  • There's no pull-up on the i2c clock (see schematic). You have to add one in yourself to get the eeprom working. Other than that, the board works great.
    I used it with ATMEGA16PU and 24LC256.

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