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Development Terminal - ATMega128

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this development board but have a look at the rest of our development tools. This page is for reference only.

A compact development platform for the ATMega128. Comes with ATMega128 installed, DC power supply circuit, crystal oscillator circuit, reset IC, RS232 port, STK ICSP port, 16x2 alphanumeric LCD display, 6 button keyboard, Dallas touch button port, frequency input, relay with 10A/250VAC contacts, buzzer, status LED.

  • ATMega128-16AI with128K Bytes Program Flash, 4K Bytes data EEPROM, 4K Bytes RAM
  • JTAG connector for in-circuit programming and debugging with AVR-JTAG
  • ICSP 5x2 (10) pin STKxxx compatible connector for in-circuit programming with AVR-PG1B or AVR-PG2B
  • RS232 connector with TTL levels
  • RS232 interface circuit with Tx, Rx signals
  • RS232 DB9 female connector
  • Dallas touch button port
  • Frequency input
  • LCD 16x2 display with LED Backlight
  • LED status
  • Five buttons
  • Buzzer
  • Power supply circuit +5V, 78L05 with DC power jack and diode bridge
  • Requires 9VAC or 12VDC Input
  • 32.768 kHz oscillator crystal
  • 16 MHz crystal oscillator
  • Power supply filtering/decoupling capacitors
  • RESET supervisor IC ZM33064
  • RELAY with 10A/250VAC NO and NC contacts with screw terminals
  • Extension headers for each uC pin
  • PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0.062"), green solder mask, white silkscreen component print
  • Four mounting holes 3.3 mm (0.13")
  • 120x36 mm (4.7x1.4")


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