MPLAB Compatible ZIF Programmer - USB Powered (Sale)

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this programmer. This page is for reference only.

Description: The latest and greatest from Olimex! It's got all the power of the original MCP with one less wire and a lot less weight. Now there is no need to worry about carrying around an extra power supply - all programming power is generated from the USB port! Tablet PC users unite!

A low cost alternative to PicStart+. The MCP-USB is MPLAB compatible and is fully recognized under MPLAB as a PicStart+ device. To operate it needs only a USB AtoB cable. The MCP-USB** includes **a gold plated 40 pin ZIFF socket which accepts all types of DIP PIC microcontrollers. In addition it has an ICSP connector and can be used to program all PIC-PxxB prototype boards.

**Software: **MPLAB from Microchip

**Tutorials: ** Getting started with the MCP. Also, what it takes to do a firmware upgrade.

FT232BM. Drivers are currently available for most platforms including:

  • 3.9x3.15" (100x80 mm)

Customer Comments

  • Nice, but it doesn't support all pics as it says in the advertisement above.
    Specifically, it can't program any dsPics at all.
    The option for using Picstart Plus as a programmer is
    greyed out in MPLAB if one of these devices is selected.

  • Worked great - no problems at all, but I've since moved over to AVR. Sorry PIC!

  • The PIC-MCP-USB is a tempting programmer. Unfortunately, it is finicky about all things USB. It requires a short USB cable, no hubs and lots of current. I bought it because I read that it was Linux compatible. I never tried it on Linux because it stopped working too soon. I tried another one which worked for a while, then failed. After burning through two of these boards, I switched to the ICD2 and am much happier with it. Summary: it works most of the time, but the ICD2 is better.

  • Just got it, and it works great! Much cheaper than the picstart, and provides the same functionality!

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