Serial Accelerometer Tri-Axis - Enclosed

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this part. However, you can check out our other 3-axis accelerometers. This page is for reference only.

The SerAccel v5 Enclosed is a 3 axis accelerometer with a simple serial interface. The latest SerAccel development, version 5 has many new improvements including variable baud rate, a factory reset command, and a complete triple axis measurement system based on the newly released MMA7260Q sensor from Freescale.

Power is gained from any RS-232 port (including USB-to-RS-232 converters) so no external power supply is needed. The on-board PIC (16LF88) runs at 10MHz and outputs three different types of outputs including calculated, binary, and raw outputs. The SerAccel v5 has software configurable settings to select between 4 sensing ranges (+/- 1.5, 2, 4, and 6g), as well as a software selectable measurement frequency (0-590Hz).

The SerAccel outputs real-time accelerations from 9600 to 57600bps using visible ASCII characters. The SerAccel is compatible with any RS-232 port in conjunction with any terminal program (Hyperterminal, VB Programs, or anything else that can read the comm port).

Device comes fully assembled and tested.

  • 1.22x2.20" (3.1x5.6cm)

Customer Comments

  • I would be nice if this had a 12 bit ADC instead of the 10 bit.

  • How to measure angles with this please.

  • Handy little buggers, but if you’re gonna use these with the plastic housings, make damn sure you check that the PCBs are bolted all the way down.
    I bought two for experimentation, and it looks like they’re sensitive enough for our needs, but I popped the housings open to see what’s what and found that both PCBs were loose in their housings.
    There are two screws at the corner of each board - how about you tighten ‘em all the way down before shipping 'em?

  • Haha i just spent the past month making something bigger and more expensive that pretty much does the same thing. FML

  • What does it meany by “a software selectable measurement frequency (0-590Hz)”?
    I think it should be restricted by the maximum samping frequency of the accelerometer MMA7260Q – 350 HZ.

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