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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: Replacement: None. We do not have a direct replacement for this board. This page is for reference only.

Development board for the ADuC7020 ARM processor.

  • MCU: ADuC7020 - ARM7TDMI Core, 16/32-bit RISC architecture, 5 Channels 12-bit, 1MSPS ADC, Differential and single-ended modes, 0 to Vref Analog Input Range, 4 Outputs 12-bit Voltage Output DACs, On-Chip 20ppm/?C Voltage Reference, On-Chip Temperature Sensor (?3?C), Uncommitted Voltage Comparator, JTAG Port, Clocking options: Trimmed On-Chip Oscillator (? 2%), External Watch crystal, External clock source
    45MHz PLL with Programmable Divider, 62k Bytes Flash/EE Memory, 8k Bytes SRAM, In-Circuit Download, JTAG based Debug, Software triggered in-circuit re-programmability, UART, dual I2C and SPI Serial I/O, 14-Pin GPIO Port, 2 X General Purpose Timers, Wake-up and Watchdog Timers, Power Supply Monitor, PLA ? Programmable Logic (Array), Power Specified for 3V operation, Active Mode: 6mW (@1MHz) 300mW (@45MHz), Fully specified for ?40?C to 85?C operation;
  • DIL-40 (0.6" wide) layout for easy mount on prototype/mother boards
  • Reset button
  • Serial Download (bootloader enable) button
  • Green LED status
  • Red power supply LED
  • 32.768kHz oscillator crystal
  • Power supply filtering capacitors and ferrite bead
  • PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0.062"), green soldermask, white silkscreen component print


  • Overall: 0.6x2.2" (15x56 mm)
  • Space between the pin rows: 0.6" (15 mm)

Documents: ADuC-H7020 Schematic

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  • which of the arm programmers you carry can program/debug this? i know there is a serial bootloader, im looking for a way to debug

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