MPLAB Compatible ICD2 with USB and RS232

The popular ICD2 by Olimex. This is complete drop in replacement for the Microchip ICD2 at a fraction of the cost. A low cost development tool providing real time emulation for all PICs with the built-in ICD feature. Operates through RS232 or USB. More information about the ICD2 can be found on Microchip's web site.

Uses standard DB9 serial cable or USB cable. USB cable should be 'B' Male (ICD2) to 'A' Male (Computer).

The large PIC on the ICD2 is a 16F877 that stays on the board. It is what does all the magic. The ICD2 can only be used through the ICSP port - there is no 'programming' socket on the unit itself.

Note: MPLab 8.xx has a bug that affects the RS232 interface on the ICD2. If using version 8.xx of Microchip's MPLab, you will need to use the USB interface or any of the version 7.xx IDEs. This bug affects not only Olimex ICD2s, but the original MPLab ICD2 from Microchip as well.

**Software: **MPLAB-IDE

  • 3.8x3.3"


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  • I just got a new Olimex ICD2 because I damaged teh PIC 116F877A in my original one, also purchased from Sparkfun. I confirmed that it was indeed the 16F877A by swapping teh two.
    I also have a PICStart Plus, and I tried to burn a new 16F877A on it to get my original ICD2 functioning, but I still get teh error message when trying to connect :
    ICD0021: Unable to connect with MPLAB ICD 2
    Where can I get the proper firmware for teh Olimex ?
    I would like to keep it as an an emergency spare.

  • I've used this for a few years, but unfortunately my new computers are all Vista x64 and this doesn't seem to be compatible with 64-bit, even if the latest ICD2 from Microchip is. Just wanted to let you know.

  • This Olimex ICD2 is useful and reliable. I'm using the USB interface with MPLAB to program my PIC 18F4550 on a PIC-P40 development board. I have the ICD2 powered by a 9V wall wart (delivering ~13V) and had no problems.

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