Modem Long Range 915MHz: LN96 - Includes Antenna and Cable

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this product but you may find something else you can use in our wireless category! This page is for reference only.

915MHz High Power Multi-channel Radio from HAC. These transceiver modems use a seamless serial interface - whatever serial character enters the TX pin at 9600bps shows up on the other unit’s RX pin. All buffering and error detection is handled internally. Output of 500mW with a 1500m range makes it a powerful modem to boot.

This unit can be attached to TTL level serial (for microcontrollers) or directly to RS232/RS485 for incredibly simple serial cable replacement!


  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • 500mA max transmit current, 50mA receive current
  • 9600bps over 1500m!
  • Modulation type: FSK
  • 8 Channels selectable via jumpers
  • Small footprint size: 38x53mm

Supported Antennae: Kit comes with ½ wave 50Ohm antenna and communications cable!

Sold in single units.

Customer Comments

  • So I managed to get this device to work. I am using RS232, but it should work for TTL. I have a jumper on pin D and E to put it in RS232 / 8N1 mode.
    1 - GND - Power supply GND
    2 - Vcc - Power supply +5V
    3 - TXD Unconnected
    4 - RXD Unconnected
    5 - SignalGround - Ground on RS232 connector (pin 5)
    6 - ATXD - pin 2 on RS232 connector
    7 - BTXD - pin 3 on RS232 connector
    8 - SLEEP - Power supply GND
    9 - RESET - Power supply +5V
    The first thing after powering it up, you should receive a message at 9600 baud: “LN96_DV30”. After that, send a number 1 via the serial port. That is the ascii character 1. After that you should be in good shape.

  • Is this the longest range wireless link SPF has?

  • Is this product (915MHz) approved for use in the EU?

  • compared to the 900MHz Xbee pro (100mW) which one has better range? This one is 500mW but has ~150m range. Why? Can someone tell me which has a better line of sight distance? Thanks

  • I have tested and like the UM96, and I depend on its sleep mode.
    I need more power! This LN96 may do the job, but I don’t notice as much hype about low power sleep mode. The datasheet shows a SLEEP pin, and I’d assume it works similarly to UM96. However, does anybody know if this sleep pin is enabled for this HAC LN96?

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