CF Socket for Compact Flash (Sale)

Replacement: None. This was a special order and we can’t get these anymore. This page is for reference only.

We get the craziest emails. In this case, it was an Ebay savvy customer letting us know of a bulk order of compact flash sockets going up for bid. We couldn’t resist. We pass the savings on to you. It may be surplus, but we’ve got enough units to last us a few years!

Bare SMD socket designed for Type I and Type II CF devices including CF 802.11b, CF GPS, CF Cameras, CF Memories, etc. Type II CompactFlash sockets are taller and accept thicker cards such as the IBM miniature hard drive cards.


Datasheets: CF Type I/II Socket Datasheet

Customer Comments

  • Be careful with these CF-Sockets.
    Compact-Flash cards can be inserted both ways.
    (right and wrong (upside down))
    Left and right sliding bars do have the same height!

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