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USB JTAG for MSP430 Programming and Debugging

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this development board, but check out our development tools category! This page is for reference only.

Olimex has done it again, this time with an impressive MSP-JTAG-Tiny! This new programmer/debugger is capable of faster programming with extended debugging rolled into a USB interface. Now computers and laptops with no parallel port can enjoy playing with MSP430 using the new MSP-JTAG-Tiny.

  • Program all MSP430Fxxx flash microcontrollers
  • Ultra fast programming 14KB/s several times faster than TI-USB-FET
  • Uses TI standard 2x7 pin JTAG connector
  • Spy-By-Wire support for the newest TI MSP430 devices
  • Programmer can supply target with 3.3V if needed
  • MSP430.dll makes it compatible with all existing software which works with TI-USB-FET (emulates TI-USB-FET)
  • Compatible with IAR Kickstart software for programming, real time emulation, debugging, step by step program execution, breakpoints, memory dump etc.
  • No assembler limit and 2K limit for C when using IAR Kickstart
  • 50x40 mm (2x1.6") + 20 cm (8") cable


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  • Does anyone know if this can be used as a general JTAG programming cable for other devices like CPLDs or FPGAs? Note I'm only asking about programming, I don't need the emulator/debugger features to work for other devices. If not, are there any that can?

  • "MSP430.dll makes it compatible with all existing software which works with TI-USB-FET". I am trying to get this thing work with code composer studio. Didn't find installation guide for CCS. Emails to Olimex and Sparkfun left unanswered.
    Update: got first answer from Olimex. They say it should work with CCS4. Didn't try it yet.

  • Here is what I have added to the .ini file. It looks like I am supposed to use 45BFF for the upper value, but when I enter a value larger than about 00024fff the program crashes just after selecting the part in the combo box. So for now I am using 00024fff.
    :MSP430FG4619 00002100 0001ffff 00001000 000010ff
    :MSP430F5437 00005c00 00024fff 00001800 000019FF
    :MSP430F5438 00005c00 00045BFF 00001800 000019FF
    Can anyone assist or is the MSP430F54xx entirely not supported by this tool? This seems to happen quite often with the Olimex tools -- lacking in support for the modern parts.

  • Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the olimex.ini so that it supports the msp430f5437 and 5438? I made many attempts, all resulting in an "out of memory" crash of the programming tool.

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