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Hot-air Rework Station with Soldering Iron - Lead Free HR2738

Replacement:TOL-10706. We no longer carry this hot-air station but check out our new SparkFun branded units. This page is for reference only.

The latest Lead-Free capable rework combo station from Aoyue. The HR2738 has a digital interface that shows the air flow, actual air temperature, desired air temperature, and iron temperature. The soldering iron ranges from 250-480C, the air ranges from 100-480C allowing the repair of lead-free solders and pastes. The soldering iron even includes a fume capture system that works surprisingly well.

Replacement tips for the iron are listed below. The HR2738 iron uses the same tips as our lead-free soldering stations.

Unit comes with heat gun, five nozzles, soldering iron with fume suction, iron holder with sponge, and gun holster with auto-sleep switch. Air pump is built into the base so no external compressor is needed. The iron is a very capable iron (don't let the price fool you!) with a equally impressive hot-air gun. Iron holder includes a spot for solder reel (solder not included).

Be sure to check out the Surface Mount Soldering Tutorial and SMD Soldering Guide

Product Includes:

  • HR2785 Main Station
  • Soldering Iron w/ Smoke Absorber
  • Soldering Iron Holder w/ Solder Wire Stand
  • Hot Air Gun & Holder
  • IC Popper
  • Vacuum Suction Pen
  • 5 Air Nozzles (A1124, A1130, A1197, A1313, A1818)
  • 3x 3017J Filter Pads
  • Heat Resistant Pad
  • Power Cord
  • Hot air gun adjustable from 100-480°C (212-896°F)
  • Iron temperature adjustable from 250-480°C (482-896°F)
  • Independent control of gun temperature, and iron temperature
  • Independent control of air flow and fume suction
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 110VAC Standard Power - 570W (max)
  • ESD Safe
  • 13 lbs. shipping weight


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  • The AOYUE 2738A+ model without the desolder gun is 100 USD less.
    Sparkfun is charging you for the desolder gun price but delivering the hundred dollar less model.
    If you want to buy this station don't buy here! Customer service refused to offer me any solutions.

  • I purchased this unit a little over a year and a half ago, but it was extremly lightly used. After about 25 hours of operation it has broke. The hot air temperature display doesn't work and the hot air itself will not turn off. Just something to take into consideration before you make a purchase.

    • I have the same exact problem. The display stopped working and the air pump never shuts off, ever.
      Avoid this product as its impossible to get it fixed.

    • After switching off the hot air, the air pump remains on until the heating element returns to a specific temperature. Perhaps that is the problem.
      If it takes longer than 2 minutes to turn off, there could be a problem with the temperature sensor in the hot air nozzle.

  • Some notes:
    * The iron doesn't fit the included stand very well due to the smoke remover. The tip ends up touching part of the stand.
    * The suction pen is not functional.
    * None of the images here show the heat resistant pad. It is shown in this picture (Left of the red box).
    * The iron looks like this when it's on.
    * When the hot air gun is in the included holder, it looks like this.

  • what is the "ASCII version" of/for?

  • So far very pleased. The iron heats to 350C in around 6 seconds with the included tip and is very good at maintaining the temp. The hot air works flawlessly. The smoke absorber part works fair, its a nice feature that feels a little lacking to me. Honestly I have thought about removing it from the iron to get it out of the way. I would say if you are in the market for a good middle of the road rework/soldering station you cant beat it. Its not a Weller or Hakko but I really cant find anything functionally to complain about. Great price, two thumbs up!

  • This is the first time I place in order

  • Any chance you could post the manual?

  • seems to be an interesting product...for US-countries (110VAC). do you also have such a soldering station for 220VAC?

  • Do you guys plan on restocking this one, or something similar?

  • Unit broke within 15 hours of use after owning it for 5 months. The manufacturer is based out of China so no one there speaks English, and good luck trying to get them to come through one their one year "warranty." Lastly, the unit pictured is not the one you will be receiving. Sparkfun was completely useless at helping resolve my with the unit/manufacturer; they also didn't directly answer my questions about the misleading pictures.

    • Did you primarily use the iron for hot air rework, or soldering?

    • The pictures do look out of date, I'll try to get some new ones taken as soon as possible.
      Aoyue is based out of China, but we have found them to be very helpful in the past; for the most part, they will always honor the warranty.
      I'm sorry our support team didn't provide enough assistance. When problems arise with these products, we usually request that our customers get in contact with the manufacturer, as they can often directly replace it for you. However, we'd be happy to help as much as possible to get this issue resolved, please drop us a line.
      -techsupport at sparkfun dot com

  • LucasV: The property of "lead free" as applied to a hot air rework tool implies that its temperatures get high enough to work with unleaded solder, as leaded solder is easier to work with (and melts at a cooler temperature,) but not always desired as exposure to heavy metals have ill side effects.

  • Does it come with specific tips for lead-free work or can it be used with leaded solder as well?

  • What a wonderful product!! I was using a Weller butane soldering gun before with the hot air nozzle adapter and I was burning up parts because of the lack of temperature control. This product heats up a board and the parts just float right off with such ease and speed. I am very impressed with the hot air nozzle selection and excellent hardware design.

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