MSP-JTAG-ISO Opto-Isolated Professional Programmer and Emulator

Replacement: None. We don’t carry a replacement for this part but check out our other programmers. This page is for reference only.

The latest MSP programmer from Olimex. Compatiple with the TI-USB-FET, it has many advanced features. Connects via USB to program all MSP430xx processors. It can also be used as a standalone programmer using its internal flash, for field work away from the PC.

  • Programs all MSP430Fxxx flash microcontrollers
  • Several times faster than TI-USB-FET, up to 13kb/s
  • Uses TI standard 2x7 pin JTAG connector
  • Spy-By-Wire support for the newest TI MSP430 devices
  • Burns the MSP430 JTAG security fuse
  • 1000VDC optoisolation
  • Provides variable supply voltage to target
  • Internal Flash - works stand alone (with external power supply)
  • Works without computer for in-field firmware upgrades
  • MSP430.dll makes it compatible with all existing software that works with TI-USB-FET (emulates TI-USB-FET)
  • Compatible with IAR Kickstart software for programming, real time emulation, debugging, step by step program execution, breakpoints, memory dump etc everything all high priced emulators do
  • Works with free GCC C and IAR Kickstart compilers and Insight MSP430 toolchain and debugger* 90x50x20 mm (3.5x2x0.8") + 20 cm (8") cable

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