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Lassen iQ FAT16 Datalogger - Complete Kit

This complete kit includes everything you need to get started and datalogging. Everything 'plugs' together. No soldering is required. 4xAA batteries are required but are not included. The unit draws about 150mA, so it should run about 20 hours on a set of alkalines.

Take a Lassen iQ, an SD memory card, a LPC2138 ARM processor, mix in some FAT16 firmware and you get the new GPS logger from Spark Fun Electronics. The Lassen iQ FAT16 Datalogger takes the GPS data from the Lassen iQ and records it onto the SD card in pure, beautiful text file format. This means you can record up to 440 hours onto a 256 megabyte SD card. That's two and a half weeks of every-second GPS location data!

Pete also got a bit spunky and programmed in a KML mode. This mode interfaces nearly directly with Google Earth. Pull the SD card, insert it into a card reader, cut and paste the specially formatted data into a KML file, and wammo - you can see what Casey did over lunch with a satellite image overlay. Take a look at the example screen shot. You can see what lane Casey was in! When he stopped at the light, his data points piled up. Fancy. Real fancy. Speed is also datalogged - it's like Big Brother in the palm of your hand...

Be sure to checkout the LPC Serial Port Programmer listed below to enable reprogramming of the GPS-Datalogger.
Please note: The small 12mm battery is meant for GPS almanac retention only - you will need an external source of power such as a Lithium Polymer or NiMH battery pack.

Pictured Kit Includes:

  • GPS Datalogger Board (GPS-Logger)
  • Lassen iQ Module (GPS-IQ)
  • Embedded GPS Antenna (ANT-EMB-HFL)
  • 512MB SD Card (Comp-SDCard)
  • 4xAA Battery Holder (Batt-Holder-Square)
  • 12mm Backup Battery (Batt-CC12)


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  • Nice system! Took a while to figure how to translate to Google.Earth format. Found out that the coin battery is not really needed and was causing issues with signal locking. Once the coin battery was removed, the signal locked on within a few minutes. If you have that problem, don't use the coin battery and see what happens. Wish the unit was half the side with smaller memory card less coin battery. A+ rating!

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