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Wire Wrap Tool

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying the Wire Wrap Tool in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

The wire wrap tool that gets the job done! Why pay excessively for something so simple? Strips, standard wraps, and unwraps 30 AWG wire. Wire stripper stored in handle.


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  • ok, let's see if this comment actually makes it past the moderator...!
    I just received this tool and it came in radio shack packaging. looking on their site, it seems they retail this item for 6.99 (!) - http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103243&cp=&sr=1&kw=wire+wrap&origkw=wire+wrap&parentPage=search
    I'm a huge fan of SFE, and totally get the reasoning behind markups, but this is a bit extreme... "why pay excessively" indeed!

    • I would rather pay $15 to SparkFun than $6 to Radio Shack any day.

    • 2 years later and still thrice the price. Maybe you could bring down the cost by buying them from a retail Radio Shack store?

    • No longer available from SparkFun, no longer available from Radio Snack either. I guess I'll have some custom PCBs made.

    • Thanks for the feedback, mshepard. I just went to internally order one of these for use in our production shop and noticed this comment. The discrepancy was just too great not to be some kind of error. But I was surprised to find out our cost on these was so steep (more than the Shack's retail price). We're going to try bringing down the cost on these so that our retail price can be more competitive. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

  • the comment before me says that it was 6.99 now its only 5.99!

  • I would love to buy this from SFE but at $16 thats crazy. I'll check out the source and see if they have it.

  • Tool prices vary all over the map. Usually you get what you pay for. Sometimes it is a matter of volume. When you're Radio Shack you can dictate wholesale pricing. If every one of their stores stocks has one wire wrap tool in stock, that still a lot of inventory just to prime the supply chain.

    Wire wrapping lost popularity in industry, in part because 0.1" spacing packages are much less common, and in part because of higher clock speeds. But now that there are so many SFE modules and carrier boards now available, maybe the time is ripe for a return of wire wrapping in the DIY world. Businesses can afford to spend $100 on 3 PCBs, but hobbyists often can't. Wire wrapping is a natural way to connect modules together.

  • Wire wrap is extremely useful. You can put little extension wires on any part you want, run jumper wires between 0.1" pegs, and the connections it makes are extremely solid and clean.

  • I actually ordered one of these from Sparkfun, despite Radio Shack selling it for less. Radio Shack doesn't ship to Norway, SFE does. And at a rather fair shipping rate.

  • Well... ? A year and a half later and still 15.95... Couldn't walk the walk MountainMateo ?

  • One thing--actually two--what is the use of this? You can wrap wire around it like you would around a nail? I'll stick with my knitting needle, thanks. And: why is it STILL 16 bucks?!?!?! It's been a YEAR now!!!!!11!!!!1!!!ONE!!1!!!1!!!!!
    EDIT: I get it now! Looks pretty useful, actually!

  • Still only $5.99 at radio shack. This has to be pricing error on SFE's part. Sadly, its been over 2 years, and the price is still 3x more here.

  • Is there a video anywhere demonstrating how this tool works?

    • I don't have a video, but it's very simple. Looking at the end of the tool, you'll see two holes, on on center that fits over the post, and a smaller one off-center next to it. Strip ~1"/2cm of 30 gauge wire and stick the stripped end in the small hole. It should stop after about 2 mm of insulation has gone it. Bend the loose end of the wire back and pinch it against the tool so it doesn't fall out while you stick the center hole in the tool over the post. Then hold the loose wire end in your other hand while gently rotating the tool about 7-8 turns. That's all there is to it.
      Ideally, you want to end up with about 1.5 turns of insulation and about 5-6 turns of bare wire around the post. This is called a "modified wire wrap" (as opposed to plain "wire wrap" where the insulation doesn't wrap the post.) The insulation is stronger than the wire, so the extra turn of insulation acts as strain relief and makes a physically stronger connection.

  • Hmm... well that seems pretty awkward. It must be a mistake.

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