Graphic OLED Color Display 128x128

Replacement:LCD-09678. This screen was discontinued. This page is for reference only.

These new Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays have vibrant color, fantastic contrast, and require no backlight! This is the largest display currently available - 128x128 pixels. The built in controller has many advanced features including various shape structures. Breakout board available below!

Frame Dimensions: 1.4x1.4"
Active Display Dimensions: 1x1"


  • 8 or 9-bit Parallel or 4-Wire SPI Interface
  • Driver: SSD1339
  • 30-Pin Ribbon Connector
  • OLED can be seen in daylight without backlight
  • 18-Bit Color resolution : 262,140 colors!

Customer Comments

  • The 4 writes SPI interface and more than 260k colors is a must. I hope you can provide us more units for sell as fast as posible :)

  • This is a wonderful little display! It demonstrates the advantages of OLED technology, crisp bright colors viewable night and day, low power and straightforward programming. I used it with the OLED carrier board which includes the 12V voltage booster and set it up in serial (SPI) mode. I just needed 5 connections to the micro (CS, RST, D0, D1 and D/C) plus +3.3V power and ground and drove it from an LPC2136 using the SSP port in SPI mode.

  • It is great display. However you must take care in how control the colors to display. It gets damaged easily if you do not take care of color control. This is the main enemy of OLED displays. I damaged one OLED due to red and blue color usage.

  • Great display! I’ve made a little utility to convert BMP’s into PIC assembly defines that can be used with this display:

  • does anyone know the screen refresh rates on this in serial and parallel modes?

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