Coridium ARMexpress LITE DIP Module (Sale)

Replacement: None. We will no longer be carrying this board. This page is for reference only.

This is a small 24 pin DIP module with ARM processor (LPC2103) and a built in BASIC compiler. What do you get? A Basic Stamp on steroids. This module is perfect for people who are really wanting to get started with microcontrollers, but like many of us, don’t want to be held up by the learning curve associated with many of the more powerful but complex programming environments. The ARMexpress IDE and basic compiler make it quick and easy to interface to the outside world without all the hassle of C compilers and cumbersome IDEs but with all the power of an ARM!

** Programming and debugging are done over a serial connection. This is not a TTL connection, but a direct RS232 connection.


  • Simply Connected Technology
  • ARM7 CPU running at 60 Mhz
  • Programmed via Serial interface
  • Onboard BASIC compilter runs >10 million lines of codes/sec
  • 32K Flash memory
  • 8K SRAM memory with space for 10,000 user variables
  • 16 TTL compatible digital I/O
  • Onboard regulated power supply runs off 7-12V DC input
  • internal supplies of 3.3V and 1.8V
  • Compatable with other DIP24 module pin outs

Digital Inputs and Outputs:

  • 16 pins programmable for input or output
  • 6 hardware PWM channels with 10bit resolution
  • 6 A/D channels, 10bit resolution, 100kHz sample rate
  • 1 million IO operations/sec

  • SPI support builtin with 600 Kb transfer rate
  • I2C support with 380 Kb transfer rate
  • SHIFT routines for Sync serial busses at 800 Kb rate
  • 1-Wire support
  • Async SERIAL builtin support upto 19.2 Kb
  • Pulse timing and generation with 1 uSec resolution
  • Frequency synthesis to 50 kHz
  • TTL compatible, 2.4V threshold
  • IOs 5V tolerant



  • 1.2x0.6"

Customer Comments

  • The original ARMexpress used an LPC2106 and had an onboard BASIC compiler. That has since been replaced by compiling on a PC to generate hex files that are downloaded through the serial link.
    So yes the SparkFun description should be updated.

  • Features: Onboard basic [compilter]
    I may have mistyped the same thing

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