Soldering Tip - 906 Replacement Tip

Replacement: None. We do not have a direct replacement for this tip. This page is for reference only.

Shiny new tips for the Combo 906 Aoyue station.

These tips work with the units that have the screw-on shield holding the tip in place. They are not compatible with the Aoyue stations 2900/2901.

Customer Comments

  • Does this fit the SFE station? I might need a new tip soon, or will in the future and I don’t really want to buy from Hakko.

    • I’m not sure which iron you’re talking about. All the available tips should be listed in the related products for the actual soldering station. If you still aren’t sure which to get, you can email
      And FYI, if you buy Hakko, you shouldn’t have to worry about new tips. The tip I use for all my projects is over 10 years old and I can practically see my reflection in it still.

  • I can confirm these will fit Ayoue 937/937+ irons as well.
    this is the tip that came with my iron, and according to the replacement tip catalog, these will fit in any leaded Ayoue station except the 938.

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