Ethernet Mini-Web PIC Development Board

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this development board but have a look at the rest of our development tools. This page is for reference only.

A webserver that fits in the palm of your hand. This development board has everything you need to serve web pages with 1 megabit storage on board! Please note you will need the ICSP adapter board listed below to attach an Olimex programmer.


  • PIC-MINI-WEB free Microchip’s TCP-IP stack tuned for PIC-MINI-WEB with DHCP disabled and IP set to, all boards are shipped with pre-loaded TCP-IP stack
  • PIC18F25J10 microcontroller
  • ENC28J60 Ethernet controller
  • 1Mbit on board serial flash for web pages storage
  • Mini ICSP/ICD connector for programming and debugging
  • Reset button
  • User event button
  • Complete web server and TCP-IP stack support as per Microchip’s open source TCP-IP stack
  • Power plug-in jack for +5VDC power supply
  • Voltage regulator +3.3V and filtering capacitors
  • Status LED
  • Extension header to connect to other boards
  • Dimensions 55x36mm (2.16x1.42")

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