Wire Wrap Sockets (40-pin)

Standard IC Wire Wrap sockets. Extended leads allow for multiple wire wrap connections for prototyping. This is a 600mil 40-pin socket. Check the related items for more wire wrap sockets in different widths and pin counts.


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  • I want to use this for the same reason as prowin, extra long leads. Does this fit in a standard breadboard?

  • prowin / about 11 years ago / 1

    Are those pins too large (diameter wise) if I wanted to seat them into a female header from underneath? (ie use it as a dip socket with extra long leads)

    I'm making a daughter board for the Meeblip Micro (www.meeblip.com), that does all the switch matrixing. But the pin headers provided don't line up with standard perf spacing. So it would be easier to access the digital and analog pins directly from the atmega.

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