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Bluetooth Modem - BlueDongle USB

Replacement: None. It's time for it to step aside and make room in the catalog for more cool new stuff! This page is for reference only.

This is a simple to use USB Bluetooth? **modem. Power is gained over USB and the unit appears as a comm port using the standard FTDI VCP drivers. This device was designed to give the user the maximum amount of flexibility over the connection to remote BlueSMiRF and Bluetooth? **wireless devices like the 6DOF v3 and WiTilt products.

Drivers:FTDI Driver Page


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  • To reset, hold reset button down, power on, and let button up.

  • Datasheet is moved to new direction: http://www.rovingnetworks.com/files/resources/Bluetooth-RN-41-DS.pdf

  • F.N., according to the datasheet, the internal RESET has a 1K pullup, so the 10K resistor to ground is not pulling down RESET to the point of actually resetting the chip, and is probably there to prevent chip operation if the power supply is marginal, or to provide a location for manual resetting (by shorting the 10K) if the user finds it necessary.

  • Possible Schematic error?
    After a quick check on the schematic, should pin 5 on RN41's "RESET" pin has a pull-up connection instead a pull-down connection?
    The RN41 user manual says "5-RESET, Active LOW reset". Confused.

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