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Coridium ARMmite Development Platform

Replacement: None. We do not carry a direct replacement for this development board, but check out our development tools category. This page is for reference only.

The ARMite is the ARMexpress in easy to use form. It has a ready to use ARM LP2103 with a built in BASIC compiler with serial USB and external power built on board! This development board is perfect for people who are really wanting to get started with microcontrollers, but like many of us, don't want to be held up by the learning curve associated with many of the more powerful but complex programming environments. The Coridium ARMmite IDE and basic compiler make it quick and easy to interface to the outside world without all the hassle of C compilers and cumbersome IDEs but with all the power of an ARM!

** Programming and debugging are done over the USB/serial connection.


  • Simply Connected Technology
  • ARM7 CPU running at 60 Mhz
  • Programmed via USB interface
  • Onboard BASIC compilter runs >10 million lines of codes/sec
  • 32K Flash memory with 12K available for user code
  • 8K SRAM memory with space for 1250 user variables
  • 24 TTL compatible digital I/O
  • 8 10-bit A/D converter channels, 100kHz rate
  • Powered from USB or 7-12VDC input
  • Optional footprint for 20mm coin cell holder
  • Internal supplies of 3.3V and 1.8V

Digital Inputs and Outputs:

  • 24 pins programmable for input or output
  • Shared 8-pins for ADC
  • >1 million IO operations/sec
  • SPI support builtin with 900 Kb transfer rate
  • I2C support with 380 Kb transfer rate
  • SHIFT routines for Sync serial busses at 1.4Mb rate
  • 1-Wire support
  • Async SERIAL builtin support upto 115.2bps
  • Pulse timing and generation with 1 uSec resolution
  • PWM with 8bit resolution
  • Frequency synthesis to 50 kHz
  • TTL compatible, 2.4V threshold
  • IOs 5V tolerant
  • Small prototyping area with footprints for 3.5mm screw terminals or 0.1" headers



  • 2x3.2"


Looking for answers to technical questions?

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  • I like these boards. They are great for those simple projects that you want to get done quickly and just need something thats basic and fast.

  • Is it a BASIC interpreter? Or a Cross-compiler that runs on the PC?

    • It is a cross compiler, running on the PC, which emits hex files of instructions or calls to the builtin library. The library includes things like divide, print, setup interrupt...

  • I too found this a very interesting device. We are working a Open HW/SW Project and have several complaints about having to purchase PIC compilers just to work on code. This device I had up and running in literally 5 minutes. No extra HW programmers to buy, works perfect with laptops. a really good value.

  • I like this thing. It is easy to use for quick tests & prototyping. The 'basic' environment supports most common chip to chip communication strategies directly with a minimum of code, and the CPU is fast enough to bit-bang most anything else. I never was much of a stamp fan, but this hits a critical mass of usefulness for me...

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