Beginning Embedded Electronics - RS232 Kit

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this kit as the MAX3232 is an EOL component. This page is for reference only.

This is a large mass of items that go along with the Beginning Embedded Electronics lectures. The kit includes the following components:

UART Lecture:

Customer Comments

  • there is only one thing that is getting to be more trouble some about electronics and new computers, for the past few mobo’s that i have bough, none have had serial ports or parallel ports

    • the header on a motherboard looks like this
      like Member210260 said even if your computer doesn’t have a rs232 socket on the back it probably has a socket on the m'board like this on it to attach on

    • Take a close look at your motherboard. A lot of them still have RS232 ports but they don’t have connectors on the rear. Look for a mysterious 2x5 pin header on the motherboard. They look similar to a USB header but are different.

    • Sure they do. They’re just called Universal SERIAL Bus (USB) ports these days. Change happens. Buy an adapter cable.

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