Dual Axis Accelerometer Breakout Board - ADXL320 +/-5g

Replacement: None. We do not have a direct replacement, but you can check out our other accelerometers to see if we have something that fits your needs.

Breakout board for the dual axis ADXL32x accelerometers. Brings out the analog voltage levels from the X and Y axis to a standard .1" header. The ADXL320 can be powered from 2.4V-5.25V. The Self-Test pin can be used to verify sensor operation.

Board comes fully assembled and tested with selected sensor and 0.1uF filtering capacitors.

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**Installed Sensor: **ADXL320 (+/- 5g)

Software: The ADXL32x outputs an analog voltage. This voltage is in ratio to the measured acceleration and to the supply voltage (ratiometric). You will need some extra hardware to convert this analog signal to a usable digital one. Luckily, many uCs have a built in Analog to Digital converter.

  • 18x18 mm (0.70x0.70")


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  • Would like one for evaluation

  • What is the math to get G's!!!

  • Two things regarding the sensor:
    1) The real measurement range turned out to be about 8 g! Have no clue why.
    2) The Z output is dummy. Sparkfun just use the same board from the 3-axis accelerometer breakouts.
    Otherwise the quality is much higher than that of MMA for about $20.

  • How come the board has a Z axis printed on it if the accelerometer's only a 2 axis one?

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