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ScreenKey RGB Graphic Button

**Replacement: **COM-09366. This unit is discontinued and has an updated replacement. This page is for reference only.

What is a screen key? It's the child of a programmable LCD, programmable RGB LED, and a nice tactile switch. It's cool, that's what it is. This is another product brought to you by a member of the SparkFun forum! You must checkout the ScreenKeys homepage as well. Very nice site and great information.

The RGB24T can be programmed to display any text or graphics on its 36x24 pixel display. The programmable backlight can illuminate the graphic display with many different colors. With a simple microcontroller, you can change the display and backlight once the button is pressed. It's an on-the-fly configurable, multicolor, multidisplay button!


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  • where did the red green key go?
    are they not going to get another shipment?

  • Is there an application for generating the image.h files?
    Or better yet a Code routine to generate the data on the fly?
    I'd like to be able to display battery voltage without having to create 800 img files (0-80V by tenths)

  • anyone come up with a sketch for connecting this to an arduino?

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