Bluetooth Modem - Roving Networks RS232

Replacement: None. It’s time for this product to step aside and make room in the catalog for even more cool stuff. This page is for reference only.

FireFly is a Roving Networks' RN-41 Bluetooth® module with RS232 circuitry on the front end. This allows the user to access the RN-41 AT command set over a common COM port. FireFly enables wireless connections to any legacy serial port and supports bi-directional RS-232 signaling at a rate of up to 464Kbps. Just attachFireFlyto your device’s RS232 or EIA232 port, power it, and you’re connected. The transmit range can be up to 330' (100m), depending upon environmental considerations.

Please note: The power jack on the side of the unit is a small 3.5x1.2mm jack. The center pin is positive and requires 5-11VDC.

® Technology v2.0 compliant * FCC, IC, CE certified, and RoHS compliant * Class 1 high powered radio for long range operation * Easy to use settings via on board DIP switches * RS232 driver built in

FireFly uses the standard BluetoothSerialPort profile and is compatible with all clients running under Windows, PalmOS, PocketPC, Apple, and other Bluetooth® enabled platforms.


  • Wireless cable replacement: use to replace cables or where cabling is not possible or practical
  • Very low power consumption (<5ma idle, 10-40ma connect)
  • Bluetooth

Customer Comments

  • all of the documentation links are broken right now

  • Roving Networks list 3 variations - please confirm the model offered here is the RN-240M (RS232 with pins). Thx

  • I bought two of these to get a wireless link going. They work fine, but configuration was a headscratcher until I realized that there is no echo of the characters you type until you hit the Enter key.
    To make a DIY battery pack, get size H DC power plug from Radio Shack (274-1571) and a 9v battery snap (270-324) and some batteries. Works great!

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