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Bluetooth Modem - Roving Networks RS232

Replacement: None. It's time for this product to step aside and make room in the catalog for even more cool stuff. This page is for reference only.

FireFly is a Roving Networks' RN-41 Bluetooth® **module with RS232 circuitry on the front end. This allows the user to access the RN-41 AT command set over a common COM port. **FireFly enables wireless connections to any legacy serial port and supports bi-directional RS-232 signaling at a rate of up to 464Kbps. Just attach****FireFly****to your device's RS232 or EIA232 port, power it, and you're connected. The transmit range can be up to 330' (100m), depending upon environmental considerations.

Please note: The power jack on the side of the unit is a small 3.5x1.2mm jack. The center pin is positive and requires 5-11VDC.

**® **Technology v2.0 compliant * FCC, IC, CE certified, and RoHS compliant * Class 1 high powered radio for long range operation * Easy to use settings via on board DIP switches * RS232 driver built in

FireFly uses the standard BluetoothSerialPort profile and is compatible with all clients running under Windows, PalmOS, PocketPC, Apple, and other Bluetooth**® **enabled platforms.


  • Wireless cable replacement: use to replace cables or where cabling is not possible or practical
  • Very low power consumption (<5ma idle, 10-40ma connect)
  • Bluetooth


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  • all of the documentation links are broken right now

  • Roving Networks list 3 variations - please confirm the model offered here is the RN-240M (RS232 with pins). Thx

  • I bought two of these to get a wireless link going. They work fine, but configuration was a headscratcher until I realized that there is no echo of the characters you type until you hit the Enter key.
    To make a DIY battery pack, get size H DC power plug from Radio Shack (274-1571) and a 9v battery snap (270-324) and some batteries. Works great!

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