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Altera Cyclone II Breakout Board

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this board. This page is for reference only.

An Altera FPGA board with SparkFun's approach to minimal design where 'less is better'. The board brings out all 208 pins of the Altera Cyclone II FPGA. The board includes a JTAG interface for programming which may be removed. It also includes a 10 pin .1" header which provides access to each voltage input.

To get started all you need to do is download the free Quartus II Web Edition software from the Altera website, a programming cable (like our Altera Compatible Programmer), and a power supply. Make sure to read the Altera Cyclone II datasheet before going too crazy with the voltage inputs!


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  • Hi
    This board has been really nice to work with for the most part.
    I have a couple of suggestions that may improve it however:
    1: line up the break out pins such that they are on a grid that would fit on a large prototyping board. They are slightly out.
    2: Label the solder joint (SJ) pads with their numbers. Since these are all connected to GND it is impossible to identify which is which using a continuity tester, and following the traces is pretty hard as well. (If you published the layout that would help)

    • Hi,
      I bought the same board, but I don't know how to run code on it.
      I want to know how to plug it (VCCINT, VCCIO). I try to make a simple code that copies the entry of a pin to another pin, but it doesn't run.
      Thanks for your help

  • Just out of curiosity, where does the bulk of the cost of this board come from? The FPGA itself is

  • Hi,
    I will buy that board but i would like to know what type of power supply I have to use...
    Any one have an exemple of shematic?
    Thank you in advance.

    • I have forget a question. is that device have a memory or I have to load my program every time I put off the power?

  • I don't understand why you would get this instead of the development kit on altera's website: http://www.altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-cyc3-starter.html
    It's the Cyclone III but all it is is a faster version, and it comes with memory, power supply, USB, pushbuttons, etc...just seems the most convenient way to go for me. Is it unlikely that sparkfun ever carry these? Not enough demand or just not possible I guess?

    • Because its more expensive and I am buying this board because it doesn't have memory onboard. I want ALL of the pins for a custom design!

  • I just got mine in the mail. Only, it's not boring green like the pictures above show... it's bada$$ sparkfun-red :-)
    Waiting for my regulators and clock to come in from digi-key. Should have it up and running in no time.

  • Is their a board for a serial configuration device, such as the Altera EPCS4 which is compatible with this EP2C8 FPGA?
    I cannot see this on the circuit diagram. And as most FPGAs are volatile (Xilinx now produce some that are non-volatile),as soon as the power is switched off the program will disappear and the FPGA will need to be reprogrammed via the PC using the Quartus II software.

  • EP2C8 is what is in the schematic at [E5].
    The description says "all 208 pins are brought out" which matches the the datasheet for the 208 PQFP package.

  • Which Cyclone II device is this - how many macro cells?

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